No Buko, No Pie


There is a Bob Marley song that goes, “no woman, no cry.”
One lazy afternoon years ago, some friends and I just sang it as “no buko, no pie.” There is just a whimsical ring to it. I know there can be some profound metaphor behind this song and the fact that I am a single, young professional woman aspiring to make it.
Maybe it means you reap what you sow.
Maybe it’s an allusion to cause and effect.
Perhaps it can mean to hang on to what you believe in despite the struggle because everything will be alright – just like it says in the song.
Or maybe the metaphor lies in how buko pie is made.
The bottomline is – I haven’t really decided on it. Really.
Besides, now that I came up with it, maybe they’re all applicable. Afterall, you can’t have buko pie with no buko.

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