No Buko, No Pie


Before 2013 started, I came up with this list of best from 2012. I guess I didn’t post it because of #1; that’s how shy I can be.

It’s the first of June and I realized that not much has happened to me compared to last year. I better start making my moves…


1. BEST FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE: Kissing in an open parking lot. To have allowed it was actually an amazing feat for me, being that I shy away from PDA.

2. BEST SPUR OF THE MOMENT TRAVEL DECISION: Going to Cebu in September. Despite the suddenness, I got a promo flight, booked into a good hotel, and my travel plans around the city went as planned despite the busy convention schedule.

3. BEST UNPLANNED LAST MINUTE CHANGE: Pinatubo and Cebu in two back-to-back weekends last summer.

4. BEST COUCH POTATO MOMENT: A night in a hotel that was way over budget to get over a sadness.

5. BEST REALIZATION: That when I really want a project, the universe really would align for it.

6. BEST LESSON: Practice what you preach. It wasn’t something that happened to me, but it happened to someone whom I used to look up to.

7. BEST SPUR OF THE MOMENT RENDEZVOUS: When I ran into a friend I haven’t seen in 10 years. Worth mentioning – said friend and I have a lot of unfinished business. Runner-up: Pioneer, cause it was with a friend whom I haven’t spoken to in some time, and we were both bored on a night when the metro was practically a ghost town.

8. ICONIC MOMENT OF THE YEAR: To be called to do Bourne without even applying for it.

9. FAVORITE VICTORY: To topple down someone whom we thought we couldn’t, and to do so without that person suspecting that I had a role in it.

10. MOST HEART-WARMING FAREWELL: Sailor Moon. As I was getting inside the car, tears were welling up , and I felt like a mom wiping the tears and telling her, “Don’t cry.” Runner-up: K-pop, cause I didn’t think he was capable of initiating an emo moment when we were drinking before he left for Shanghai.

11. THEME SONG OF THE YEAR: In This Life. Runner-up: Sexy and I Know It. I get a kick out of it.

12. MOST MEMORABLE WTF MOMENT: Drinking Ocho – 8 shots of espresso – without even knowing it. Hollywood thought it was a thoughtful gesture when he learned I hadn’t had enough sleep. Ironically, I wanted to doze off even for just 2 hours. He never heard the last of it that day.

13. FAVORITE NEW CONNECTION: Mucho Lucho. He found me through LinkedIn. And what made this a favorite connection was that – he wasn’t a freak, not a geek, and is totally cool. It also helped that he was majorly good looking.

14. MOST INDEPENDENT MOMENT: To win a contract for another TV show without the help of our former mentors.

15. BEST ANIMAL ENCOUNTER: Whale sharks, hands down.

16. NEW FAVORITE FOOD: Death by Tablea. Runner-up: Indian food, Persian food

17. BUDDY OF THE YEAR: Johnny Bravo, even if I only saw him once this year. He never fails to give sensible advice. That said advice changed my life towards the end of the year.

18. GUY OF THE YEAR: Try two. Some days, I’d say Hollywood; some days, it’s Snowboarder.



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